Lagging Insights uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and our patent-pending Waste, Opportunity, and Risk Engine to provide consistent and unbiased findings.  More importantly, it attains this information every time you save something new to your frameworks. 

Below are the key insights we currently provide.  Please note we are always seeking more impactful ways to help so as we enhance or create new insights you get them for free immediately.


Provides a high-level summary of all insights so users can more quickly react to what is most important to them.

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Using the WORE, Lagging Insights provides actionable real-time insights indicating errors or missions with your governance frameworks.  Having findings limits the usefulness of the framework for the organization and the effectiveness of the AI and WORE analytics.

Currently, the WORE is auto-identifying aspects of your governance frameworks that are missing titles, content, or have the same title used more than once. 

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Key Phrases

Attain real-time insights on the key concepts, techniques, processes, etc. the framework creators appear to care about most.   Lagging Insights employs AI to auto-identify key phrases and ranks them based on frequency as those are more important to the framework creators to be successful.

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Get real-time insights for the tone in the descriptions of your governance to increase readability and comprehension for your entire organization.  Additionally, the AI services and WORE are likely to be more effective for text that is positive and neutral so having a real-time approach to identify negative text will provide more impactful analytics.

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Having real-time insights for the professionalism and security posture of what was documented in your frameworks is critical to ensuring usability.  Because of the critical nature to any findings, Lagging Insights allows you to go directly to the bad text with a single click.  As an additional feature, you will also have a full audit trail of the bad text so it can be addressed with the teams and individuals.

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Lagging Insights includes real-time insights for language usage, based on AI, so your teams can quickly update non-compliant text to your corporate language. 

Having a unified and common language is a key element for organizations to efficiently synchronize and coordinate.  Using a single language also helps the AI services and the WORE provide more effective analysis.

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