Designed to bring clarity to take an idea from start to finish

Governance Across the Organization

Walter is required for any organization developing large complex software solutions as he provides the ability to easily document and analyze governance to deliver faster and better. The idea of Walter was sparked from the System Thinking approach as we discovered an organization pattern of planning levels and operational aspects across all popular team and multi-team frameworks.

Evolutionary Planning Pattern

Walter discovered the Evolutionary Planning Pattern (EPP) EPP after years of experience helping government and commercial customers transition from Waterfall to evolutionary delivery of products and services. Walter now use this pattern to identify key aspects within each planning level, so the organization has clarity of operational and oversight expectations. As context matters for each framework, the levels in EPP are arbitrary.  However, when used there is an implied relationship with portfolios and programs.  A program is simply a way to associate products, projects, and teams to a common cause or investment.  A portfolio is simply a collection of programs to a common cause or investment.

Governance Aspect Pattern

Walter discovered the Governance Aspect Pattern (GAP) after years of transformation experience with the popular evolutionary frameworks.  This pattern provides clarification and understanding more quickly across the organization.  Additionally, it provides phenomenal opportunities to lean processes, reduce waste and risks, while delivering with higher quality at less cost.

Summarize the intent and basic operational approach for each type of team e.g. Development, UX, DevSecOps, Business Analysts, etc.

Summarize the intent and expectations on the use of each unique measure and metric e.g. Burndown, Burnup, Cumulative Flow, Velocity, Performance, Auditability, etc.

Summarize the intent and basic expectations for each type of role e.g. Software Engineer, Technical Lead, Tester, Business Analyst, etc.

Summarize the intent and expectations on the use of each unique artifact e.g. User Story, feature, bug, solution diagram, use case, etc.

Summarize the intent and basic operational approach for each type of event e.g. Daily Stand Up, Sprint Planning, Peer Review, etc.

Describe operational approaches, concepts, processes, and techniques.

Compliance Image

Help Meet Compliance & Regulatory Requirements

Walter is ideal for organizations that need to meet compliance and regulatory requirements because they can be documented within your frameworks for shared understanding. Once shared understanding is achieved the organization simply collaborates on the minimal additional governance like metrics, roles, artifacts, and concepts to meet these needs.

On-Demand Training

For organizations using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) option, Walter allows users to receive on-demand training that is relevant and impactful.  Your teammates will have access to weblinks, white papers, images, videos, and blog articles relevant to the teams, roles, metrics, events, artifacts, and concepts within their given frameworks so they can quickly improve.

Export Your Data

It is your data, use it how you like. Walter can export all your data to these popular formats.

Reduce Your Coaching Frustration

One of the leading factors to why Walter was developed was to solve the frustrations organizations often faced with their coaching staff.

Reduce Cost

One of the intents of Walter was to empower organizations to collaboratively and consistently enhance how they operate with limited coaching support.  Walter believes there is a need for Agile/Lean Coaching as well as Technical Coaching but suggest coaches work upfront to establish governance and start the transition within weeks not months or years.

Reduce Inconsistencies 

Teaming Coaches, Stakeholders, and Customers to collaboratively shape frameworks is the perfect way to ensure alignment across not only coaches but those most impacted.

Get Influenced By Agile, Lean, and DevSecOps

Encompasses the intent behind Agile, Lean, and DevSecOps principles, while also acknowledging that there must be rules of engagement across team members and teams to allow for optimal workflow.

Exploit Artificial Intelligence 

Provides instant feedback on how your framework is structured, pointing out potential areas to increase organizational functioning and collaboration between team members.

Use Patent-pending Technology

Exploit disruptiveOps’s Waste, Opportunity, and Risk Engine (WORE) to auto-identify anti-patterns within your governance frameworks that may not align to the culture your organization desires.

Customize for Your Needs 

Allows you to create an easy to use governance framework that enables your organization to establish policies and continuously monitor their proper implementation by working within a framework of your choice.